Nora Maccoby

Born October 25, 1967 in Mexico City, Mexico.

Nora is a dual citizen, American-Mexican artist. Born in Mexico and raised in Washington, DC, she started her artistic career as a child by watching her mother, Slee, a portrait painter and encouraged by her psychoanalyst father, to explore her dreams through drawing. Nora is deeply rooted in a visual art tradition: her mother, grandmother and great grandmother were also painters and mystics. A life long study of theology, philosophy and mythology in different mediums, including theater and film, led to a BA in Theater from Oberlin and an MFA in film directing from the American Film Institute, where she won two awards for artistic excellence. Her thesis film, “Dropping the Bomb on My Street” won the Leopard of the Future at Locarno Film Festival. As a screenwriter, she co-wrote Bongwater, and the award-winning film “Buffalo Soldiers”. During this time she began painting portraits of ETs and co-created Interdimensional Travel - an art collective in LA, from 1994-99.

In 1999, constricted by conventional mediums of storytelling and the limited range of the ability to make change in the world, Nora moved to the West Indies and began studying indigenous herbal medicines and shamanism. She began to see the schematics of politics as a “reality theater” for activism as Performance Art.  After 9-11, Nora returned to Washington D.C. to “play in the field”. She initiated a nonpartisan movement to end Middle Eastern wars and end oil and gas addiction, and found the biggest group of people supporting this were in the military. Organizing and uniting disparate forces, a diverse coalition, Nora led in the creation of The Energy Conversation, a collaboration of 29 government agencies working together to make change to a clean energy economy. She continued to be an advocate for the First Nations and advanced clean energy. As the weaponization of the internet and disinformation warfare began to escalate in 2012, and with words no longer working except as bombs of manipulation, Nora began painting what she describes as “hieroglyphs for the architecture of transition”. She also began working with experimental technology inventors innovating in interactive 3D, the collective NOIRFLUX. Their first collaboration was exhibited at the Smithsonian Museum’s Arts and Industries “Conversations for the Future”, in 2017, and at Art Basel Miami in 2019.

Nora’s art is focused on unifying universal truths through different mediums of perception and materials - found across the physical laws of nature, the invisible realms, and the cosmic travel of eternal motion, epochal cycles and great changes of our time. “My work is focused on finding the point between form and formlessness, and the notion of light as an active intelligence within universal codes found in nature on Earth, and in space itself. The journey of the work is then a navigation of space/time, through new symbols. A cartography for navigating life, based not on patriarchy or matriarchy, but the integration of both the divine masculine and divine feminine into the harmonic balance of the two - the heterarchy. In what she sees as a war of separatism and extremism, her work is focused on activating harmony, with a message “to power the center and dance with friends”. Her integration of mathematics and mysticism are reminiscent of Hilma Af Klint, and studies of spirits in the invisible realms echo the dreaminess of Remedios Varos and Leonora Carrington.

Nora starts with pencil and pen, creating faces, symbols and equations, before adding oil paint. She then applies base layers with large, thick brushes, then blends and refines by using cloth and her fingers. She draws lines and circles free-hand, often using her hands as a viewfinder to visualize specific sections of the painting. Her colors span a broad spectrum, depending on the feeling and emotion she wishes to convey. Nora has also experimented with VR technology and developed a set of digital NFTs based on her work. When looking at Nora’s work, the viewer is invited to enter portals, transporting them to another time, dimension, and consciousness. Her black canvases evoke the cosmos, the sense of limitless possibility.

Nora’s book “The Energy Conversation: the first 3 years”, her illustrated novel, “The Intelligence” and philosophy art catalogue, “Identity Cartography: Maps and Symbols for the Heterarchy” (based on her solo show at The Women’s National Democratic Club Museum, 2018), are all available on Amazon. A retrospective of her early works and a full length interview in The Landescape Art Review can be purchased online.

Nora was awarded the International Prize Leonardo da Vinci in Florence in 2017 for her series “Metatron’s Cube and The Mona Lisa Time Machine” and exhibited at the Anima Mundi-Venice Biennale 2017, and with Mark Kostabi at The Temple University Museum in Rome in 2018. Her latest series “The Seven Sisters” is currently on view at The Hill Museum in Washington DC, and was recently exhibited at the Women’s Military Memorial at Arlington Cemetery and the CADAF Online Art Show. Her work is held by numerous private collectors – notably: Susan Rockefeller, Erik Berglöf, Roseanne Barr, Fiona Whitney, Melissa Womer, and Cheyann Benedict.